St. Louis College of Pharmacy Summer Storage Plan

Are you sick and tired of hauling all your belongings back and forth each year as you move home for the summer/winter? Once again, Hazzard Moving and Storage and the Residence Life Department have teamed up to offer a STLCOP Summer Storage option.

  • You can store up to 15 items. This includes 1 frig. Each additional frig. is $25.00/frig.
  • Hazzard Moving will pick up your belongings from your room, store them for the summer, and then bring them back to your room before you return. Unless you are an athlete or an R.A., the items will be placed in your room before you get back on campus.
  • For on-campus students, the cost is $395.00 for the STLCOP Summer Storage program. The cost is $575.00 for the combined Winter and Summer storage program.

Additional Fees

  • For each additional item above the maximum 15 a $20/per item charge will incur (up to 25 items).
  • For each item over 25 the cost is $10.00/per item.
  • No inventory submitted fee is $25.00 (Please submit inventory).
  • Off-Campus delivery is an extra $60.00.
  • Couches and Futons are an additional $40.00/per couch/futon.
  • Each additional frig. is $25.00/per frig.

St. Louis College Of Pharmacy Summer Storage Plan

STLCOP Summer Storage