SLU Storage Plan Procedures

All items should be placed in boxes except the following: futons, refrigerators, 3 or 4 drawer plastic storage cabinets, carpets (which should be rolled) and shelving (which should be broken down).

Please mark on the side of every box and place a sticker (obtainable from the Office of Residence Life) on each furniture item including your name and the corresponding inventory number for proper identification.

Submit your inventory online and print a copy for your own records. Leave all items for storage in the center of your room and lock the door. We will pick up all storage after you are gone. A SLU representative will accompany us at each pick up. Make sure we have a phone number where you can be reached. If there are any discrepancies with your inventory, we will contact you immediately.

Your belongings will be delivered in August before you return. Therefore, all payments must be received by August 15th. If payment is not made, your belongings will be held until your account is paid in full.

St. Louis University Summer Storage