St. Louis Moving Company for Over 80 Years

We know that you have a lot of choices for your St. Louis moving company, and we consider it a privilege when our customers trust us to handle their moving needs. Since 1932, Hazzard Moving and Storage has been serving the St. Louis area, combining top-of-the-line equipment, trained professionals, and that hometown customer services that you’ve come to expect here in the Midwest. From our free moving consultations to our unloading and unpacking services, and everything in-between, we are amongst the top moving companies in St. Louis that can handle your move from start to finish. We work hard to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied every step along the way. It’s our job to pack, store, and move your belongings, but it’s our pleasure to do it well!

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Packing and Storage in St. Louis

We know how important it is that you feel comfortable and confident that your things are in good hands, so we make sure that we are the moving company in St. Louis that exceeds your expectations every step of the way. We use only high-quality materials to wrap and pack up all your belongings, making sure everything is safe, secure and ready to arrive at your destination undamaged. Our St. Louis moving company has a trained moving team using only top-quality equipment to haul and secure your boxes, furniture, and appliances on our clean and impeccably maintained moving trucks, keeping your belongings stable as they are moved from place to place. No wobbling, no tipping over, and definitely no dents or dings to damage your things! In addition to providing you with a smooth, easy moving experience, we also can provide you with a safe place to store your belongings while you transition your life! Not every moving company in St. Louis can provide you with temperature-controlled, top-of-the-line storage units, but Hazzard can! Our storage facility is securely located, keeping your personal belongings safe and undisturbed until you're ready for them.

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Student Storage

As your premiere St. Louis moving company, we even offer specially designed programs for storing the belongings of students attending nearby universities as well! Whether you're at Maryville, SLU, or Webster University, we’ve arranged a program with the Residential Life Offices to make your life a little easier. We will pick up your boxes, futons, shelving, carpets, and even your refrigerator, and transport it to our secure storage facility. We'll review your inventory list with what we are picking up, supervised by a university representative, and call you immediately if there are any discrepancies. You can relax and know that your belongings are safely stored while you enjoy your break. And then, when it's time to return to school in the fall, we'll make sure that your belongings are there before you are!

Long Distance Moving Company

Long-distance moving can be overwhelming. There are so many unknowns, and usually more than a few surprises. That's why when it comes to hiring an interstate moving company in St. Louis, you want to know what you're choosing a company you can trust. Hazzard Moving and Storage has been a proud Wheaton World Wide interstate agent since 1989, providing you with a St. Louis moving company that combines the best of both worlds: the personalization of a moving company with over 80 years of knowledge and history in the St. Louis area, along with the expertise and experience of a national company. Regardless of what moving services you choose, you'll always receive the top-notch customer service that Hazzard Moving and Storage prides itself on, along with the well-maintained, high-quality moving vehicles of the Wheaton Van Lines.

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Office Moving

The decision to move your office can be exciting; a new place filled with new possibilities and opening new doors for your business! Unfortunately, after the initial excitement wears off, you're usually left feeling overwhelmed. The time and energy spent planning your move can be draining, taking your focus away from your customers, and money out of your pocket. You can't afford to spend time worrying about surprises and delays, you need to concentrate on your business and your customers. That's where a professional moving company can help!

At Hazzard Moving and Storage, we believe your office move should be an exciting time full of possibilities, with as little stress as possible! That's why we work with you to make sure your expectations are met, and even exceeded! Together we set up a moving plan covering all the details of what's going to happen, and when it's happening, giving you all the information you need to know when things will be back on track. You can take care of your business knowing that your move is taken care of. When looking for office moving in St. Louis, we have a reliable team of professionals on your side, your office move will go quickly and smoothly, getting you back in business in no time!

What Our Customers Say

We loved our move! How often do you get to say that! Hazzard Moving & Storage was the right choice for us, and made what might have otherwise been a very difficult time for my family a breeze! Thank you to the whole Hazzard team! —Amanda


We hired Hazzard to move us from our home in Illinois to a loft in downtown St. Louis. Two movers with a large truck showed up on time, worked hard and treated our furniture with care. The final charge was in agreement with the cost estimate given before the move and we were pleased with how well the move went.
We would use this mover again. —John